Places of Interest - Regionally top 5

Regionally Top 5

  • Touristik_Buedingen_1_Glauberg
  • Touristik_Buedingen_2_Ronneburg
  • Touristik_Buedingen_3_Herrnhaag
  • Touristik_Buedingen_4_Gelnhausen
  • Touristik_Buedingen_5_Keltenfuerst

Across the Büdinger towers and walls extend wide woods. Further sights in the proximity are the remaining baroque building at the Herrnhaag, the undestroyed Ronneburg as well as the find sport of the famous Celts, the Glauberg. At the framework city Gelnhausen is the Kaiserpfalz and with the Hoherodskopf an extinct volcano waits for the visitors.

By a fully developed road network are all places easy to reach from Büdingen by bicycle:

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