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The Upper Court

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Built as a walled residence in 1569/70 by the Frankonian master builder, Conrad Leonhard, for Count Georg of Ysenburg and Countess Barbara of Wertheim (building inscription on the “Obergasse” wall). The mansion has a decorated oriel and the portal is decorated with coats of arms. On the south gable are the remains of a wall painting of Noah’s Ark. Of the several out buildings, the stables now serve as a place for cultural events. The “Bandhaus” (dating from 1570), a wine cellar with adjacent space for cask-making, also belonged to the “Oberhof”. Later the mansion was often used as a residence for the dowager. The “Oberhof” became the property of the town in 1959. After exemplary restoration, it now houses a school for music and art and the Museum of Modelmaking.

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