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The Jerusalem Gate or Lower Gate

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Across the Lohsteg Bridge, along the west front of the fortress, past the outlet of the Küchenbach stream next to the Red Tower, stands the Lower Gate (the "Untertor"): a magnificent twin tower construction (1503). Above the pointed arch of the gateway are the combined coats of arms of Ysenburg and Nassau, the parapet decorated with mandorla tracery with gargoyles below. The four stone roof domes covering the defence- and stair-towers are unique. The name "Jerusalem Gate" derives most likely from the refugees (fleeing from religious persecution) who settled in Büdingen in the 18th century and who felt Büdingen was like the divine Jerusalem. The bridge was restored in 2003 and its base was exposed again: a wooden inset indicates the former draw-bridge. This only surviving gate is now Büdingen's landmark. Inside the towers you will find the "Sand Rose Museum" dedicated to the geology of the Wetterau area.

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