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Museum of the „50s”

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The “Museum of the „50s” captures the spirit of this exciting decade marked by post-war economic recovery and Rock ‟n Roll. There‟s plenty for the visitor to discover (or rediscover) here. Who doesn‟t remember kidney-shaped coffee tables and standard lamps, Vespa scooters and music from the jukebox? The Museum offers a regular programme of events which celebrate the unique spirit of this era.


ÖffnungszeitenOpening hours
Di - Sa: 03 - 05 pm
So: 12 am - 05 pm
Holidays: 12 am - 05 pm
Treffpunkt der FührungAddress
Auf dem Damm 3
63654 Büdingen
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Preis der FührungPrice
4,- Euro adults
2,- Euro kids (until age 16)
10,- Euro family ticket
3,50 Euro per person (groups starting from 20 people)
Tickets bestellenContact
06042 950049
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