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Büdingen is a town of museums: no less than four buildings are dedicated to the life and culture of the past. Büdingen also hosts two significant geological collections and a large exhibition of modelmaking.

Visitors to the Heuson Museum gain an insight into 1200 years of Büdingen‟s history; especially the history of Büdingen‟s farmers and craftsmen, which complements the courtly view on display in the castle. The Museum, itself housed in the original, fifteenth-century Town Hall, draws on the rich archaeological evidence of the area around Büdingen to offer a prehistory of the town itself. Visitors can see a model of an early Celtic settlement on display here. Next door, the well-preserved original Smithy, is also open to the public.

Butchers have their own museum in Büdingen, as is fitting for a profession with such a rich historical tradition. For over 400 years, until 1895, the butchers of Büdingen had a collective slaughterhouse in one of the towers of the "Mühltorbrücke". This tower is still standing and contains the original fittings and fixtures of the slaughterhouse. The "Museum of the „50s" captures the spirit of this exciting decade marked by post-war economic recovery and Rock ‟n Roll. There‟s plenty for the visitor to discover (or rediscover) here. Who doesn‟t remember kidney-shaped coffee tables and standard lamps, Vespa scooters and music from the jukebox?

The Museum offers a regular programme of events which celebrate the unique spirit of this era. Desert roses (or sand roses) are one of the geological treasures to be found under the fertile soil of the Wetterau valley around Büdingen. These crystallised formations of sand and mineral, which really do give the impression of being fossilised roses, date back at least 20 million years. Lothar Keil collected the most beautiful examples of these desert roses and his collection is now housed, most appropriately, in the sandstone towers of the Jerusalem Gate. Büdingen‟s Modelmaking Museum is also well worth a visit. The collection of over 150 precision models of ships, cars and trains, is to be found in the "Oberhof", built in 1569. This townhouse, with its enclosed courtyard, was the first of Büdingen‟s Renaissance buildings and also served for a time as a residence for noble widows of the Ysenburg dynasty.

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