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Büdingen is a town in the Wetteraukreis, in Hessen, Germany. It is known for its medieval stronghold, which is still in good condition, and for its timber-framed houses. Büdingen is situated in a wet and sometimes swampy valley.

Since 1972 the city consists of the formerly independent municipalities: Aulendiebach, Büches, Büdingen (core or centre), Calbach, Diebach am Haag, Düdelsheim, Dudenrod, Eckartshausen, Lorbach, Michelau, Orleshausen, Rinderbügen, Rohrbach, Vonhausen, Wolf and Wolferborn.

In the same year the county (Landkreis) of Büdingen was dissolved and Büdingen and the county of Friedberg formed the Wetteraukreis, with Friedberg becoming the new county capital.

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