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The Church of Our Lady

First mentioned in 1367 as a wooden chapel, this was replaced in 1377 by a north-south directional stone building. The conversion to the "Church of Residence" of the Ysenburg family followed during the time of Ludwig II of Ysenburg in 1476-1491, masterminded by the count's master builder Hans Kune. Displayed on the reticular vaulted ceiling of the nave and choir, now pointing to the east, are the coats of arms of the Houses Ysenburg and Nassau. Further ones can be seen in the aisles; the magnificent epitaph of Count Anton of Ysenburg and his wife, Elisabeth of Wied (1563) is in the choir and above the triumphal arch is a depiction of Doomsday. The Romanesque font has a modern baptismal vessel by the sculptor B. Vogler. The original furnishings of the church were lost during the conversion to Calvinism (1601).

Further additions to the church followed: in 1556 a Latin School was established in the area between tower (baroque roof dating from 1776) and nave; in 1602, the Presbytery was built on the south side. The deep grooves on the outside buttresses of the choir are said to be whet-grooves (according to popular belief). The beautiful timber-framed house opposite the western entrance, used to be the rectory, but now civil marriage ceremonies take place here. The "Freyhaus"(1562) with Renaissance oriels is the current rectory. The church also owned a hospital, (Kirchgasse 19), an imposing half-timbered building which dates from the 15th century.

The Church of Saint Remiigus

Here we find the Frankish origins of Büdingen. An 8th century wooden church was replaced a stone hall-church with distinctive round window openings in the west wall. The patron saint is St. Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, who baptized King Chlodwig in 496. Originally the parish church of Büdingen, St. Remigius was superseded in 1495 by the "Marienkirche" (Church of Our Lady) and demoted to being the cemetery church. Several interesting sandstones tombstones of clergymen, citizens and functionaries remain in their original position in the choir, while others have been removed to lean against the cemetery wall.

For Sightseeing please call 49 60 42 95 16 50 (Mo-Fr 9-12 a.m.).

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