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It is fun to learn about history in Büdingen: visitors can take part in lively "living history" tours around the centre led by guides dressed in authentic costumes, who know how to inform and entertain. "We need to move on, otherwise we won't reach the end." This is how the Night Watchman of Büdingen reminds himself to keep within the "towns curfew" after every stop along the way of his two-hour route through the town. And it is true that he does have an enormous stock of stories and anecdotes to tell, as he carries his lantern through the old alleyways of Büdingen.

This Night Watchman, with his authentic costume, is just one of the actors who bring history to life for Büdingens modern visitors. The historic streets of the town provide a fitting backdrop for performances which recreate the thoughts and feelings of people from the past and their hopes of heaven and fears of hell. The modern visitor is given an insight into daily life in the past; what people ate and drank and how that life was shaped by the experiences of war and sickness, by the rigours of work, but also by the joys and pleasures of life itself.

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