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Guided city tour

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It is fun to learn about history in Büdingen: visitors can take part in lively city tours around the centre led by guides dressed in authentic costumes, who know how to inform and entertain. The historic streets of the town provide a fitting backdrop for performances which recreate the thoughts and feelings of people from the past and their hopes of heaven and fears of hell. The modern visitor is given an insight into daily life in the past; what people ate and drank and how that life was shaped by the experiences of war and sickness, by the rigours of work, but also by the joys and pleasures of life itself.

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Dauer der FührungDuration
1,5 h
Treffpunkt der FührungMeeting point
Marktplatz, Altstadt
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Preis der FührungPrice
see below
Tickets bestellenBooking
06042 - 96370

Individual appointments available, call the booking number above!

For groups

Group up to 6 people
€ 39,-
Group up to 12 people
€ 49,-
Group up to 25 people
€ 59,-
+ additional charge for historic costume
€ 12,-
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